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domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

PUBLICATION EXCLUSIVES / Residency training: New grounds for legal liability


B. Sonny

Lawrence H.
Residency training: New grounds for legal liability
Times have changed regarding resident training. Physicians today are well aware of resident work-hour restrictions, and the distinctions that apply to resident education vs. service, as promulgated by various regulatory bodies. Read more

Scott A.
Practical applications of biologics: Searching for clear indications
In this Orthopedics Today Round Table, a panel with expertise in connective tissue healing comment on the current status and future potential of various approaches for augmentation of healing. Read more

Fibial fracture trapped
posterior to tibia
A 30-year-old soccer player presents with a painful left ankle
A 30-year-old man sustained a twisting injury to his left ankle while playing soccer and had immediate pain and deformity. What is your diagnosis? Read more

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